Business Dynamics

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About the Book

Title: Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World
Author: John D. Sterman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
First Published: 2000


  • Chapter 1: Learning in and about Complex Systems
  • Chapter 2: System Dynamics in Action
  • Chapter 3: The Modeling Process
  • Chapter 4: Structure and Behavior of Dynamic Systems
  • Chapter 5: Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Chapter 6: Stocks and Flows
  • Chapter 7: Dynamics of Stocks and Flows
  • Chapter 8: Closing the Loop: Dynamics of Simple Structures
  • Chapter 9: S-Shaped Growth: Epidemics, Innovation Diffusion, and the Growth of New Products
  • Chapter 10: Path Dependence and Positive Feedback
  • Chapter 11: Delays
  • Chapter 12: Coflows and Aging Chains
  • Chapter 13: Modeling Decision Making
  • Chapter 14: Formulating Nonlinear Relationships
  • Chapter 15: Modeling Human Behavior: Bounded Rationality or Rational Expectations?
  • Chapter 16: Forecasts and Fudge Factors: Modeling Expectation Formation
  • Chapter 17: Supply Chains and the Origin of Oscillations
  • Chapter 18: The Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Chapter 19: The Labor Supply Chain and the Origin of Business Cycles
  • Chapter 20: The Invisible Hand Sometimes Shakes: Commodity Cycles
  • Chapter 21: Truth and Beauty: Validation and Model Testing
  • Chapter 22: Challenges for the Future
  • Appendix B: NOISE

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